Dance / Fencing / Stunt

Originally educated in classcal ballet, Lynx has has also a great experience in tropical rythms such as salsa, merengue, cumbia etc. She performed in 2010 an extremely unique piece of acrobatic foxtrot in the competition "Shall we Dance?", that took the breath out of the audience. Later that year, she was back with acrobatic lindy hop and she practices Swedish bugg as often as she gets a chance. Lynx uses a lot of dance and choreography in her circus performances. She is well known for her combined performance of dance and aerial acrobatics that was presented in the the famous TV-show "Let's Dance" together with Swedish singer Orup in 2011.

Lynx trained fencing for the Brittish team in 2000 and went all the way to win silver medal in The World Championships of Artistic Fencing in Vichy, France in 2000. She has rescently been a fencing heroine in the Swedish TV-show 'The Pirates".

During the years 1999 and 2000, Lynx partcipated in the prestigious Millennium Show in London. During the rehearsals and later on in the show, the aerialists were regularly trained in aerial stunts, high falls and fights. This experience together with her knowledge in vaulting and trick riding was a real advantage in her professional education of circus, stunts and horse performance. She has made several stunts in theatre pieces and film and the students of the stunt school are well recognized in the film business today.