Curriculum Vitae
Lynx has presented her artistic work in various cultures and environments. Performance art uniting sculpture, painting, dancing, singing, music and slide backgrounds leading into the world of circus. She has operated in most countries in Europe. Lynx worked in the African bush and climbed Kilimanjaro. She lived in Australia and got inspired by New Zealand. Lynx discovered tropical islands and climbed volcanoes on Hawaii. She was absorbed by South America and fell in love with the Galapagos Islands, where she swam with sea lions and penguins and visited rainforests. Lynx has shared her experiences with audiences in Moscow, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Great Britain, Ecuador and USA. Especially New York and Kansas City were some of her regular performance spaces.

Lynx is educated in visual art techniques in Sweden. She trained at dance schools in South America, USA and France. In Sweden, she studied at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. She was the first Swedish woman to be accepted at the State Circus School of Moscow, where she became certified in aerial acrobatics, with a focus on cerceaux (aerial hoop). She also performs contortion, acrobalance, dance, horse vaulting and fencing . She has been one of the main teachers at Cirkus Cirkör's circus school and teaching program, as well as artist in some of their shows. Throughout the year 2000, Lynx performed as the only Swede in the prestigious Millennium Show in London. April 25th 2001 the production ”Norrsken” by the company Zin-Lit' had it's premier in London. Norrsken was the first production by this company created by Lynx and Elias Vâhlund. They also won silver in the world championships in artistic fencing and performed at the historical opening of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark. Zin-Lit’ established an educational Center in Southern Sweden, including circus, dance, theater, music, stunts and horses. Norrsken toured in Sweden during 2001 and 2002. Thereafter Zin-Lit’ has most successfully produced and performed several productions: “Element” 2002 , “Begränsning eller Konsten att Flyga” 2003, “Eurovision Circus Contest” 2005, “Personligt” 2006, “Tagel & Poesi” and “Wintermezzo” 2007. From 2008 Lynx has continued on her own with Summer Variety in 2008, Hope Love Faith in 2009 and Dreamnight in 2010.

In 2011, Lynx and Ellen Pontara has successfully performed their new production Firefly in France, Sweden and Holland. Lynx has moved all her activities to France, where she now has her base. In Oct and Nov, the famous story of her life Story of Lynx, had it's premier in Gothenburg in Sweden. And then continues to show in June in the Story Telling Festival of Ljungby. In France the new production Impro-Accro has it's premier in July, followed by many successful presentations around The Loire Valley, such as at the cave of Ackerman, Gennes Fait son Cirque, The castle of Brigné, The Theater in Baugé, The Theater in Doué la FontaineFoire Expo in Saumur and many more. Lynx own Circus School is today present in seven ctiy councils.

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